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The philosophy of craftmanship

Perfection all the way

Buying a ski boot from Hannes Strolz takes as much time as making it. All our steps are carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail. As a customer, you will be peppered with many questions when consulting one of our dealers. Your foot, your ability, your preferences and your style deserve no prefabricated product that you have to adapt to, but a custom ski boot that fits to your own needs. So that you ski better, safer and more comfortably. All our staff and dealers are constantly trained and updated in seminars, season after season.

From measurement to the perfect ski boots

Made to measure

First of all, your feet must be measured very precisely before we can build a matching wooden profile. Your consultant determines the circumference of your instep, foot and calves. Using a variety of measuring devices, an outline of your foot is created. This way, the shell can be stretched exactly to the anatomy of your feet.

From measurement to the perfect ski boots

Solid shell, soft core

The wooden profile is a three-dimensional, exact replica of your feet shape. The ski boot shell is heated, shaping the shell to fit your feet precisely. A layer of cork on the wooden last represents the anatomy of the foot. Although this step only determines the rough fit (the fine-tuning takes place during foaming), it still requires the highest precision and expert skill.

From measurement to the perfect ski boots

The art of shaping

Despite considerable investment costs for injection molding, this manufacturing step is still carried out in-house. We at Hannes Strolz are proud of our know-how and crafting skills: this is the only way to maintain the highest quality standards, and the key for Strolz customers to really get the best ski boot. Hannes Strolz are the world's only ski boots still 100% produced in the Austrian Alps, the cradle of alpine skiing.

From measurement to the perfect ski boots

A unique piece that fits only you

Further indivdualization steps to the perfect fit: first, your feet are taped with plastic pads to create more space for the pressure-sensitive areas of your feet. Once everything is adjusted, you step into the shell, and a two-component foam is introduced into the inner shoe via two tubes. Through a chemical reaction, the foam expands and adapts absolutely perfectly to the anatomy of your foot. Ten minutes later, your shoe is ready - a unique piece that fits only you. Now the foam has to cure for another twelve hours - and you'll be skiing more precisely and comfortably than ever before.

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