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The philosophy of craftmanship

Perfection all the way

Buying a ski boot from Hannes Strolz takes as much time as making it. All our steps are carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail. As a customer, you will be peppered with many questions when consulting one of our dealers. Your foot, your ability, your preferences and your style deserve no prefabricated product that you have to adapt to, but a custom ski boot that fits to your own needs. So that you ski better, safer and more comfortably. All our staff and dealers are constantly trained and updated in seminars, season after season.

Perfect from a-z

Inner liner

From measuring to the perfect ski boot

Leather cutting

The leather is cut out with great care and experience using templates.

From measuring to the perfect ski boot


The leather parts are sewn together with great care to the cuff of the inner liner. Precision is required here too: the more beautiful the stitches, the more perfect and thus more valuable the appearance of the inner liner.

From measuring to the perfect ski boot


Embroidery, old craft reinterpreted. Individuality and recognition are two important characteristics to us.

From measuring to the perfect ski boot


According to old tradition, the upper of the inner liner is still stretched over the last with pliers.
Thus, the inner liner receives the shape of the last and remains there for at least 24 hours to absorb the shape.

Perfect from a-z

The shell

From measuring to the perfect ski boot

Injection molding

Molten granules are pressed into an injection mold where they solidify. With the mold size for ski boots, closing forces of several 100 tons are required to close the mold.

From measuring to the perfect ski boot

Assembly of shell parts and ski boot buckles

The individual shell parts and buckle components are assembled with high quality in mind.

From measuring to the perfect ski boot


Even the branding is done with passion and precision.

Hannes Strolz all along the line.

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