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Hannes Strolz

Contact details

Hannes Strolz

Contact details

Strolz Schuhe GmbH
6754 Langen am Arlberg 5, Österreich
Phone +43 5582 546
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FAQs for your ski boot care

Read our tips and tricks for the proper care of Hannes Strolz ski boots.

Our recommendations after each ski day or after the ski season:

  • Clean the ski boot sole profile from dirt and stones to ensure the grip of the soles on snow and in the binding.
  • Dry the ski boot immediately after use; also take the inner boot out of the shell, remove the inner sole and let everything dry well separately
  • Also make sure not to dry the individual parts directly on a hot heater.
  • Tip: If you are in a hotel with a ski boot dryer, always put the boots on the dryer with the toes facing up. This allows warm air to circulate in and the (condensation) water to run off.
  • When assembling, make sure that the inner shoe fits snugly in the shell;
  • If wrinkles and creases occur, they can impair the fit and cause pressure during the next use.
  • Do not bend or pinch the ski boot tongue when closing it
  • Close the buckles and straps only slightly (first to second notch); if you close all the way to the last notch, your boot may become too tight for you to get in; this is especially important when storing over the summer.
  • Tip: The inner shoes will thank you if you apply colorless leather care (leather grease) after the ski season.
  • We recommend that you store your ski boots in a dry place in a ski boot box or ski boot bag during the summer.
  • In general, the ski boots should be checked annually for worn out ski boot soles/heels and defective buckles.
  • If you dry the ski boot without removing the liner from the shell, cold feet are inevitable

  • Blow-drying: the inner boots and insoles react to heat and can become deformed if the air is too hot

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